How much and how many...


Prices for cakes depend on a number of factors, including the size of cake and complexity of design. Indicative prices are displayed on our gallery pages to give you an idea of the cost of our cakes.


The guide below provides some common tiered cake sizes and the portions they provide, both for finger (1x1") and dessert (1x2") servings.  If you are having an intimate wedding but would like a large cake for added impact, we can include dummy cakes in the design, which are iced, but not edible additional tiers. Equally, if you have many people to feed but have your heart set on a smaller cake, we can provide cutting cakes that are single tiers, ganached, iced and delivered direct to the kitchen for serving.

Please note that the guides below relate to round cakes - square cakes will provide you with more portions.

Finger Portions (1 x 1")

Dessert Portions (2 x 1")